Share. Care. Love.

Share. Care. Love. is not just a saying around here. It is a lifestyle. Scroll through the tabs below to better understand what we mean and how the Granny Au Pair concept can apply to you as long as you have love to Share, a heart to Care, and Love to spread.


Studies show that today, the 50+-year olds are healthier and have more energy than ever before.

More moms are working outside the home. And kids are involved in more extra-curricular activities than their parents ever were.

Whether one or both parents are working, balancing work and family life is a challenge to all and an extra pair of hands is not always available to help support the needs of the children and their parents.

The aging population is growing and healthier than ever. The 50-, 60-, and 70-year olds are no longer waiting for time to pass by. They want to feel helpful and valuable, and no longer accept the boredom of retirement. They need to feel included and part of the community. While waiting for their own grand-children, or because of the long distance separating them from their own families, helping another family for several months is the idea solution and the balance so many are looking for.


The basis and cornerstone of the relationship is mutuality. Take an energetic 50+ year old Granny and a family with children. Both have needs and desires that can be met when working together.

This is how Grannies and families can help each other and benefit from one another. By finding a good match with a Granny, the family will welcome her and make her an integral part of their lives. The Granny has life experience and usually has had children of her own or a career in child care. She will enjoy playing with the children, helping the families find the balance they need to spend more time together.


The Granny program is meant to be inclusive. We like to see the Grannies fully integrate with the family’s lifestyle. They live with them and should at a minimum eat with the family at no charge. Access to the family’s car, expenses such as plane tickets and pocket money, are all discretionary and should be discussed in advance to the Granny’s arrival to avoid conflicts and disagreements.

While the Neighbor-Grannies will be living in their own home, they should feel just as included within the Family. They are not nannies, hired and on payroll. They graciously donate their time to spend time with your family and they expect to be appreciated and loved as you would a family member.

Once both the Granny and family feel confident with their match, all is left to do is to arrange for travel and let the magic work. Let yourself be surprised by the close relationship forming between your children and their Granny. Enjoy working as a team with this awesome Granny who will be living alongside your family for some time. And start creating lasting memories as an extended family!

Version 2

Each family / Granny pair will agree to the terms of the relationship before the Granny’s arrival. We recommend exchanging messages through the message system to get to know each other.

The next step can be a Skype or FaceTime call to get a better feel for one another. Before the Granny arrives, both parties should agree on expectations. Will the Granny be expected to drive the children to and back from school or activities? Is the family looking for help with cooking dinner or maybe some of the laundry and light household duties? Does the Granny feel comfortable with the kids using the pool under her watch? Which days / hours will the Granny usually be alone with the children? Which expenses is the family ready to pay<br>
for? Etc.

Host families must however, offer room and board to their Granny. A Neighbor-Granny would be living in her own home and help a Family near her.

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