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Is this for me?

Welcome to the start of an unforgettable experience. More enriching and impactful than you can imagine.

We, parents, all understand the challenges of raising children today. And none of us should feel shame in seeking help. How about just that extra pair of loving and experienced hands to pick up the kids from school on those days you’d like the extra time at work? Or time to cook dinner without carrying the baby in your arms? A couple less loads of laundry a week, so you can come home and play with your kids? Or fed and bathed children by the time you return from an unusually busy day?

Whether both parents are working, just one, from home, from the office… Whether you already have a nanny, regular helpers, or family across the country or world… The Granny program will bring you that extra help and comfort to enable you to be the loving and caring parent you know you can be.

All you need is little ones running around, a spare bedroom, and a heart ready to share love with a Granny you can trust and who wants to help you.

Set up a profile for our Grannies to find you and use our Search function to find your perfect match and bring that experienced Granny into your family for as long or as little as you both decide!

Happy searching! Happy matching!

And to the start of an unforgettable relationship with your very own Granny!

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Ready to become a Host Family and receive the help you deserve? Click here to register and start searching for your very own Granny!

You have children running around the house and would like to receive the help of an experienced Granny. You are ready to trust that person and let her relieve you of some of your duties. Should you decide to host one of our Grannies, you have a spare room and will be offering room and board to your Granny. If not, consider a Neighbor-Granny.

Expect to regain some valuable time in your schedule. You can now play with the kids instead of folding laundry, run to the grocery store on your own after work, or go on that long-overdue date, with your children in good hands without breaking their routine. You will have a loving Granny by your side and we ask that you make her feel part of your family. Inclusion is a key aspect of the program and will bring you so much more than you expect!

Register today as a Host Family and become visible to our Member Grannies. Feel free to contact Grannies and/or Neighbor-Grannies and start understanding how you can help each other.

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