Got the travel bug? Ready for a new adventure?
Become a Granny today!

Is this for me?

You are over 50, have too much energy for retirement, too much love to give, and that travel bug in you, you will be the perfect Granny Au Pair for one of our Families!

We have listed tips and more information about the Granny program under our Concept section and answered frequently asked questions in our Q&A. But if you have any questions or doubts that are not answered, please contact us! We want to make you feel comfortable with your decision to become a Granny!

Feel free to start “meeting” our Families and make sure to create a profile to be found by families. Once you have subscribed to a membership, get in touch with parents across the world and start making memories.

Life has so much more in store for you than you can imagine! Opportunities are just a click away.

Happy adventure! We are thrilled to be a part of it!

Register Now!

Ready to become a Granny and start a new adventure? Click here to register and start searching for your Host Family!

You have energy and like spending time with children. You would like to travel and experience life in another part of the country or world. You value feeling included in your Host Family’s life. You don’t mind the noise and craziness coming from a family with young children? We trust that you can be the perfect Granny!

Expect to bring joy and relief to a young family who can use that extra helping hand. You might also become a little one’s best friend (or superhero!). Expect the occasional pillow fight or fort building. But mostly, a very thankful family!

Register today as a Granny and become visible to our Member Families. Feel free to contact some of the families to understand how you can make a difference for them.

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