Why host a Granny Au Pair?

What makes hosting a Granny Au Pair an excellent childcare solution for you and your family?

Many families today, juggle careers, children, school activities, extra-curricular activities, work trips, etc. Parents are more involved in their children’s lives than any generation before them. Slate states that in 1971, 80% of 3rd graders walked to school alone. Today, less than 9% do. Who is picking up those trips to school? Parents…

Parents today, are expected to take their kids to school, bring them to the park, have them enrolled in a multitude of after-school classes, while putting home-made meals on the table each night, bathing their little, reading them bed night stories so they know 20,000 words by the time they’re first graders, and preparing a healthy lunch for the next day. All of this takes time, and parents often find that time is scarce. Many of us don’t dare reaching out and asking for help. And more and more don’t have family near by to lend a helping hand. The fatigue and stress accumulate. Parents today feel under pressure that can cause mental disorders. Researches call this the “Super Parent” syndrome and sociologists are worried about the lack of support parents get.

Social media does nothing to help. We stare at picture-perfect families and wonder whether our children love us – we never french-braided their hair as artfully as our Facebook friends after all, or put up the eccentric birthday parties that seem to flood Pinterest… Katherine Stone, the founder of Postpartum Progress, states that: “The Pinterest society of looking at all these pictures of people who have perfectly decorated homes and reading on Facebook about children who are always perfectly dressed and way ahead of all developmental milestones — it puts a lot of pressure of mothers, especially those who feel vulnerable and not fully confident in themselves.”

Build your village

Granny Au Pair complicity with child

We have all heard the famous phrase: “It takes a village to raise a child.” Let’s use today’s technology to find that village. Children love being around older people. They are often calmer, gentler, in less of a hurry than their parents. Children feel re-assured by their posed tempers and patience. With platforms such as OurGranny.com, finding your “village” has become extremely convenient.

Hosting a Granny Au Pair is the perfect solution for many parents. We encourage you to give it a try, even if you have reserves around having a stranger live with you. That stranger might become your best ally. Your Granny will be your super-star. She will be the helping hand you have so desperately wished for. She will be thrilled to feel useful to your and your spouse. Kids will soon request that she’s the one reading the bedtime story. You might ask her to take the kids to the park while you vacuum your home. She might be happy to help you prepare the children’s lunch or take your son to his t-ball practice on Friday nights.

Remember, she has gone through what you are going through today. Be vulnerable and ask her for advice. She knows the struggles and the calmer seas lying ahead. She has the perspective you might not have just quiet yet. She will be as much support to you as she will be to the children.

We are convinced that Granny Au Pair’s can be the perfect solution for you and your family. Our first-hand experience taught us that our family received so much more than we had hoped. And we heard the same in return – our Grannies left over-joyed with their experience, feeling empowered with the feeling to have made a difference.

Share with us your doubts and questions. If you wonder about the cost of the program, read our article here. And if you have hosted a Granny Au Pair, tell us about your experience. We would love to hear from you!

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