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option_977_2 option_979_1 option_980_3 option_982_1 2018-02-03 Waking up the kids preparing their breakfast and lunch for school, need to pick them up to school and taking them to activities, then come back to do shoot lessons and dine Driving kids to school and activities, helping me to take car of them when at home when needed 1988-12-07 m
option_977_3 option_979_1 option_980_3 option_982_1 2018-12-19 sunny get help 1979-01-10 m
option_977_5 option_980_2 option_982_1 2018-01-25 test 2018-01-16 m
option_977_5 option_979_4 option_980_2 option_982_1 2018-04-11 Love care 1977-01-14 f
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