National Geographic KIDS – Review

We started the kids on a National Geographic KIDS subscription about 8 months ago. We were looking for a smart way to educate them through reading and naturally, learning about animals seemed like a nice option.

Is this for me?

Our three kids are still young, ages 2 to 6, and we got them started on the National Geographic Little Kids subscription. We have found them super fun and easy to read. The kids get to learn about several different animal species in each issue and participate in interactive fun games, such as Find the Differences, etc.

This subscription is geared towards pre-schoolers and do a great job at engaging the children in discussions. We have found that our kids learn from reading the articles and like to “teach” us about what they learned. National Geographic also does a really good job at including questions that spark discussions between parents and children.

While coming to the higher end of the age group, our Kindergartner has started enjoying the Little Kids edition on her own. With easy to read articles, she is able to practice her reading and understand most articles on her own!! Very fun way to learn how to read and build confidence in young readers!


Once your kids get a little older, sign them up for a National Geographic KIDS subscription. Geared towards children ages 6+, the topics discussed are closer to the ones presented in the adult version of the magazine. Older children will enjoy learning about animals, science, archaeology, geography, but also technology and pop culture.

The topics will bring your children’s natural curiosity out and allow them to explore new areas in a safe and child-friendly environment.


What does this cost?

Both subscriptions currently run for $15 a year. Your child will receive a magazine every second month. This is such a nice alternative to a toy for birthdays and Christmas. Consider it as birthday gift for little friends as well. We definitely find that our kids get more out of receiving experiences and subscriptions than traditional toys, which get forgotten soon after being received

What we like most?

  • National Geographic KIDS are ad-free. Children do not get distracted nor influenced by visually distractive ads
  • At $15 / year, or $2.50 / issue, the price point is attractive and fair for the quality of the articles and pictures included
  • The topics gravitate around animals, nature, plants, cultures, science and are relevant to the age groups targeted
  • With 35 years of experience, National Geographic does a great job bringing information to children in a fun and accessible way and we have used the magazines as inspiration for several school projects!
  • Our kids’ reaction when they pull a new magazine out of the mailbox!!


Share with us which other magazines your children have enjoyed reading and learning from!

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