Happy at home?
Become a Neighbor-Granny!

Is this for me?

Are you living with someone? Engaged in daily / weekly activities? Happy with your social life? Not willing to travel and live with a family?

Yet, you are looking to make a difference for a young family and feel useful and needed. You want children around you and be part of a family?

You will be the perfect neighbor-granny! This is a slightly less immersive experience. You can help parents living in your area by donating a few hours of your time. Remember being a young mom and able to run to the grocery store without the kids in tow? You might want to pick up the kids from school and bring them home to play for a couple of hours before the parents get back from work.

If this sounds like you and if you are looking to make a meaningful difference in a family’s life in your area, sign up now and start connecting with parents near you!

Register Now!

Ready to become a Neighbor-Granny and start helping a family near you? Click here to register and start searching for your Family!

You have energy and like spending time with children. You are looking to help a young family in your area for a few hours each week

Expect to bring joy and relief to a young family who can use that extra helping hand. You might also become a little one’s best friend (or superhero!). Expect the occasional pillow fight or fort building. But mostly, a very thankful family!

Register today as Neighbor-Granny and become visible to our Member Families. Feel free to contact some of the families near you to understand you can help them. Have the energy to help more than one family? We will leave that up to you!

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