Meet Laura, our founder


Laura and her husband have three young children, born within 3 years of each other, in 3 different countries. Those world travelers never had family near by and are raising crazy little citizens of our world. The energy level is high, the exhaustion is not to be mentioned, both parents are working, and they realized the need for help when 2 of the kids were off of school for an entire summer. Because they did not want to sign them up for a different summer camp each week, they welcomed their first Granny. The help they received and the connection they saw build between the children and their Granny “Wika” was all they needed to be convinced that they had to share this experience with other families! They received more than what they had signed up for, with the Granny taking excellent care of the children and helping with some of the house chores. And the Granny got to appreciate Florida life, sightsee the area, and take tango classes!

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