ROBOTIME DIY – crafts for kids and adults – Review

A good friend of ours got their daughter and ours a wonderful do-it-yourself miniature doll house for their birthdays – ROBOTIME DIY Dollhouse. We tend to always gravitate towards Legos and Playmobils, which are some of our household’s favorites, and this was a very refreshing alternative. I had never really thought about getting my 6-year old something to build that did not involve bricks. I probably should have since one of our kids’ most popular games is the building of houses, huts, forts, with chairs, blankets, cartons, and anything else the kids can get their hands on.

We received this little wonder of a toy and she started building immediately! We found the steps nicely detailed and the directions easy to follow. In our case, I would say that our not-overly-crafty / slightly-too-active 6-year old required a bit of assistance from us, but she was some of the most focused I had ever seen her. I loved seeing her attention to detail develop and creativity come out. She was definitely enjoying herself! She wanted to make this a close representation of the picture on the box and did a pretty good job! Directions, based on the model, estimate about 20 hours of building and it took her a bit longer than that, but made for a nice activity on the few cold weekends we had over the winter.

Ranging right around the $30, those make a high-quality gift for a reasonable price. I also love that they have a whole series with different rooms so you could build a whole house! I mean, seriously, some of the rooms are the cutest thing ever. Look at that greenhouse!! The amount of work and detail is very impressive and will keep kids and adults entertained for a little while!

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