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With 3 little water babies, we have been in and around pools with our kids for most of their lives. When our first born was just about 6 weeks old, we read dozens of product reviews to find the best swim aid / baby floater to help get her comfortable in the water. The search ended when I stumbled into the SwimTrainer at a store one day.

We have used it on all 3 of our children and let me tell you how amazing it has been to our family!

Fred’s Swim Academy offers 2 different sizes based on the age and weight of your child. We started with the red one, for babies as young as 3 months or 13 pounds, up to 4 years or 40 pounds. Securely strapped into the SwimTrainer, your little one will automatically be placed on his stomach, in the natural swimming position. Supported under his belly, the baby has full motion of his legs, while his head is supported by the front of the SwimTrainer. After a few pool outings, you will naturally find your child tapping his feet and little legs towards you (or other points of interest… sorry Mommy…)! Our kids went from this to swimming in no time, having learned to trust the water laying on their bellies and flapping their legs.

We have loved the SwimTrainer so very much and it has travelled the world with us. We bought just one and it served all 3 of our crazy kids. It is so durable that we have passed it on to some friends who love using it with their son.

Should you have a slightly older non-swimmer, go straight for the bigger model:

The Yellow SwimTrainer will teach your 4 to 8-year olds to apprehend the water and learn the joys of floating and swimming.

This was our 8-month old little one, enjoying herself and a bit of freedom in an Egyptian pool (supervised by Daddy right near by, of course!):

SwimTrainer Fred’s Swim Academy


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