Disposable Trash Cans

This is the product review of a wonderful invention: the Clean Cubes Disposable Trash Cans.

When we moved into our new home a few months ago, our kitchen was nowhere close to being finished. We ended up spending 5 weeks eating out of an old microwave. One detail that does not jump top of mind but that you quickly come to realize is that: no kitchen = no trash can.

Good friends of ours gave us 2 sets of 3 disposable trash cans. I had never heard of the concept before but let me tell you – this is genius! If you are to ever host a party, this is a must-have!

Clean Cubes Disposable Trash Cans

Clean Cubes Disposable Trash CansYou can buy sets of 3 or 12. All you need to do is to unfold the trash, prop it opened (little trick: push right in the middle of the shorter sides to keep the rectangular shape wide open), and dispose of the whole thing when done.

While they were a true life saver for us – we set some up in the main room but also in each bathroom – most people do have a proper kitchen and trash can. However, think parties and special events. We recently hosted a Super Bowl party and my husband did not want our 30+ guests opening our pull drawer to trash their beers. We set up 2 Clean Cubes disposable trash cans in the party area and disposed of them at the end of the game!

Note: we tested them with several dozens bottles of beer and they are totally leak-proof!!

Themed Trash Cans

My favorite part of the product might be the cute designs they come in. Forget the boring black trash can… Clean Cubes are themed for your events. You will still find the plain white for office parties for example, but they come in a variety of other designs. For our Super Bowl party, we had purchased the football edition. Other themes include: Christmas, birthday, fourth of July, graduation, Halloween, party, picnic, bridal / baby shower, road trip, and many more.

Based on the size of your event, they have several sizes from 4 to 30 gallons available.

We love using them and keep some stocked in our home. They make for the perfect trash can solution for parties, events, picnics, tailgating, boat trips, trade shows, etc.

Click on any of the links below to discover the different designs available: 

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Granny Au Pair in America / USA

With nearly 34.3 million families with children under the age of 18 in 2017, the USA is an appealing destination for American Grannies wanting a national au pair experience, as well as foreign Grannies looking for an American experience.

American Grannies in America

There are over 58 million women over age 50 living in the United States. Many of them consider themselves active seniors. They play sports, participate in social and cultural events, and volunteer their time to remain connected and impactful. Many find fulfillment in working with young children – they volunteer at their local schools, YMCA, Big Brother Big Sister, etc, and would make wonderful Grannies. The advantage of being an American Granny Au Pair in the US is the ability to command the language and have an understanding of the American culture and parenting expectations. Being a Granny Au Pair will allow them to travel within the country, experiencing new ways of living. A Michigan Granny might find appealing the prospect of spending a couple of the winter months in Florida, helping a young family. While the Texan Granny will enjoy experiencing the winter snow or cooler summers in Oregon!

Foreign Grannies Au Pair in America

Many foreign Grannies are looking for ways to improve their English in a native environment. Joining an American family as a Granny Au Pair in America will allow them to practice their language skills in a safe and loving manner. The American culture is engraved in many minds as a reference – many times portrayed and referred to in movies and shows, but rarely experienced as a local. Imagine the amazement in someone’s eyes when roasting marshmallows for the first time, watching their first 4th of July parade, or sharing a Thanksgiving meal with friends and family. Living in the US has always been a dream, and the Granny Au Pair program can make it a reality. The cultural exchange will be a time for sharing and taking in as much as possible in the 90 days the Grannies are allowed to spend on US soil.

Hosting a foreign Granny has many advantages. One of them being the exposure of children to a foreign language. Should the Family be interested in the opportunity, the Granny can speak her native language to the kids, making it a natural way to introduce the children to new vocabulary or to reinforce a language spoken by one of the parents or some of the grand-parents. The Granny will happily share stories of her home country, bake her favorite cakes and bring a new know-how to raising children. Differences should be embraced and both the Family and the Granny will learn from the experience. Keeping an open line of discussion will bring one of the most meaningful experiences for all parties. Who knew a German lullaby could put your little to sleep?

Important considerations before becoming a Granny Au Pair in America

Remember that, as with any destination, you are responsible for checking the rules and regulations surrounding your stay in the country. Being a Granny Au Pair in America will require that you abide by American immigration laws. Most Grannies will enter the country using a tourist visa, however, it is your responsibility to determine the correct visa for your stay. Being a Granny Au Pair is neither paid work, not volunteering. You are visiting the county to be exposed to the culture, hear the language, and discover the area. You are the guest of your hosts and need to remember that, by American immigration law, a foreign national is not allowed to work nor volunteer without a proper work visa. Most of our Grannies enter American territory without any problem, communicating their intentions to the immigration officer. If you however, say that you are coming to volunteer with a family or work with a family’s children, immigration will not let you enter the United States. Please, plan your visit to the USA accordingly. If you are traveling from a foreign country, be aware of this important distinction: as a Granny, you are a TOURIST, not a worker or volunteer. Research and understand the laws and clearly communicate your intentions when entering the country. OurGranny.com cannot be held responsible for any problems you may experience with immigration.


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