Tinybeans App – Review

Living overseas, far and several time zones away from family members has been a challenge for us for many years. That was until we found this world-changing app: Tinybeans – the Online Baby Journal for Sharing with Family

We downloaded the free app directly from the app store, but the website interface can be found at https://tinybeans.com. A premium account can be created to download and share longer videos.

Upon registering their account, families can start uploading photos and videos, as well as special moments such as children’s sayings. Those moments are distributed to family members added on to the account. When we upload special memories of our children, their grand-parents and great-grand-parents on the other side of the world receive an email notification with the media included. They don’t need an account, don’t need to log into a website… the email will have exactly what they need to see and makes it so simple for them to feel that they are part of your and your children’s lives! They can leave a comment or share an emoji back with you, which is always fun!

A separate profile can be create for each child, where milestones can be recorded. While our first child had a wonderful, up-to-date baby book where every achievement was lovingly recorded, we never kept us with baby #2. Baby #3’s baby book seems to only have her date and time of birth in there…. the Tinybeans app makes it so easy to update their milestones and attach a picture. Everything is already on your phone and all you need to do is upload the media you’d like to share and/or remember. It is a few seconds each day and the multi-image upload makes it so easy to upload your best shots of the day!

The interface is in the form of a calendar with all of the shares you have ever made and it is so much fun to go back in time and see what our little Munchkins looked like, read what they said when they started talking, or look at those baby steps once more.

We have proof-tested it for you with our non-tech-savvy 85+ year-old grand parents. They have repeatedly told us the excitement of opening one of the Tinybeans emails. My own grandpa will call my grandma from across the house to let her know that more photos and videos of the great-grand-children are there for them to see!

We recommend this free app for all who want to share their little one’s growing up with family or friends, or simply want to record their babies’ milestones right from the convenience of their cell phones. Recently, Tinybeans even added a functionality to link your photos straight from your Instagram account, making it even easier to share those special ice cream smiles with loved ones!


Note: link will redirect to referral page and both you and I will receive a month of the premium membership, allowing for longer video uploads (up to 5 minutes) than the free version. This is not a paid referral and the view and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author’s.

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