What will a Granny Au Pair bring me?

One common question of Families wondering whether the Granny Au Pair program is for them is: what will a Granny Au Pair bring me and my family?

Having doubts?

It can be intimidating to think of hosting a Granny for the first time. For some of us, having dinner with a total stranger means stepping way out of our comfort zone. And I was right there with you. I am not the most welcoming host and I enjoy my privacy. But then life happened – juggling full time careers and caring for young children had me reconsider the Granny Au Pair program.

What happens next?

I wasn’t really sure what to expect when our first Granny joined us. After interviewing many different candidates, we felt confident that she would be perfect for our family. I remember seeing her for the first time when my husband and her returned from the airport. She was that wonderful 71-year old lady, all smiles, totally excited to have arrived, and ready to meet our family the next morning. That very first feeling was one of warmth and confidence. Granny “Wika”, as our 2-year old would call her, joined us to lend a helping hand during the busy summer months. She has been so wonderful that we continued hosting Grannies. And while each has been slightly different, all of our Granny Au Pairs have brought us calm and peace of mind!

What will my Granny Au Pair bring to my family?

Granny Au Pair Benefits

Most Grannies are mothers or grand-mothers and many have worked as teachers or in┬ádaycares. They love children and want to make a difference in the lives of their host grand-kids. They come with a lifetime of experience, a love for lullabies and fairytales, and armed with patience and love. With all their attention on your children, you can rest assured that they will be well cared for by a Granny Au Pair who genuinely wants to pour her love on them. We came home, finding them all cuddling around books, investigating bugs, building forts of bedsheets, learning to write their names…

Often times, having a Granny Au Pair will also allow your children to be looked after in the comfort of your own home. Leaving your toddler in daycare never gets easier and you might be able to cut down on those hours if your Granny Au Pair is able to pick up the little ones from school. Children love coming home early to spend time in their environment. Our Grannies have looked forward to that pick-up time and so have our kids. As a parent, the pressure of rushing to school after work is lifted and you don’t feel guilty coming home late once in a while. You know your kids are well cared for by the Granny they love. You find some peace of mind, juggling your busy schedule with theirs.

Many Grannies have the desire to remain active. They travel as Au Pairs to feel helpful and integrated. While we never asked, we came home countless times to a vacuumed house. The laundry would be folded, or the terrace swept. Often, we’d come down from putting the kids in bed and found the dinner table cleared and cleaned. Those are the little things that made our lives so much easier and us so appreciative of our Grannies!

What will my Granny Au Pair bring me?

As mentioned earlier, peace of mind and reduced guilt are just some of the emotions I feel around our Granny Au Pair. Life becomes less stressful, more posed and calm. Everyone finds his own rhythm, parents included. Countless times, having our Granny allowed us to accompany a child to a game, while the others could stay home and enjoy time off. Our Grannies have encouraged us to tackle weekend projects while they took the kids to the playground for an hour.

Grannies will also share their recipes and tips and tricks. From stitching buttons to removing berry stains, I learned so much from them. They lended me their shoulder when I needed someone experience and with a fresh perspective to talk to. In many ways, they became my Granny as well and I just hope I was able to guide them as much as they guided me during their stays.

Give it a try!

I know you might feel vulnerable as you start this journey, but it will be wonderful and gratifying. The human side of it will outweigh your doubts and fears. There is so much that a Granny Au Pair will bring YOU!


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