WubbaNub Pacifier – Review

This is the product review of our all-time favorite pacifier: the WubbaNub Pacifier!

 I was one of those young women – I knew exactly what my child would be like, what she would and not do, how she’d behave, etc. There was one certainty: my child would not be sucking on a pacifier. I would find ways to put her to sleep and soothe her when she cried. That is until… my child was born. With her, came colics and endless cries. Nothing but my walking her around the house would make her feel b

etter. I remember her first 8 weeks – we’d go for walks 3 times a day, I’d bathe her twice, and the rest of the time, I would walk her in circles inside our home. I had a colicy baby who, day and night, would not stop crying. The poor child was in pain and uncomfortable, and there is nothing her Dad and I could do to make her better. We read all about it: learned massage techniques, put her on her back and had her bicycle with her little legs up, gave her belly time, gripe water, I removed cow milk from my diet, drank special teas for stomach comfort… We tried everything. Until one day… she had been crying for hours and I gave in. My child who would never be sucking on a pacifier, was given her first pacifier. We had gotten one from our hospital stay. I put it in her little mouth and within seconds, she stopped crying. That might have only lasted a few minutes but it gave me hope.


Which pacifier would be our pacifier?

Now that my child would be a pacifier baby, I needed to research which one would work best. Who would have known that so many different shapes existed? Clearly, I had some catch up to do. I found that the green Avent one from the hospital was

working well. She liked sucking on it, but it fell off her little mouth. The first night she slept with it, she would wake us up because she could not find it. Certainty #2: if my child was going to sleep with a pacifier, I would find one that would stay in her mouth. I was up 4 times a night to breastfeed her. The little bit of sleep in between feed was sacred!

After a good amount of searching, and remembering a friend’s daughter using them, I came across the WubbaNub Pacifier. Seeing that one-year old sucking on it, I had always thought that it looked big and heavy for her little jaws. I ordered a pack of 3 to give them a try. When we purchased ours, in early 2012, they did not have all the design choices they have today. We ordered the dog / giraffe / monkey set. They were the cutest thing I had ever seen.

WubbaNub Pacifier


More cute models under this link: WubbaNub Pacifier

Here is the greatest (and most genius) thing about the WubbaNub pacifier: the nipple is sewed into a little plush the size of an adult hand (about 6 inches long). The hands and feet of the plush are weighed with little pearls, preventing the pacifier from falling out of the baby’s mouth. All you have to do, after laying your child on his back, is to place the plush on his chest. We noticed that some of the new models do not have weighed feet and we recommend getting the one with weights. They are a lifesaver in those early weeks / months. The pacifier will usually stay in place and keep the nipple in their mouth.

As your child grows older, it will be much easier for him to find his own pacifier in bed in the middle of the night. The plush is not only the perfect size for their little hands, it prevents the nipple from rolling off and getting lost in the bed. The younger ones like to hold on to the legs and manipulate the soft animal. It is also much easier for them to learn to bring it to their mouth than a small binky.

The nipple – Soothie – itself is medical grade and latex-free. We could not tell the difference from the nipple we were given at the hospital. The entire pacifier is machine washable. We put ours in mesh bags and let them air dry.

Today, Mary Meyer designs lots of very cute animals for WubbaNub. You will find one for every taste. All colors and many animal choices are available. They also make the perfect baby shower gift, with many gender-neutral options! Shop Amazon – Create an Amazon Baby Registry

Let us know which one was your baby’s favorite one! We played with them and purchased a bunch of different designs. They were all a hit. I don’t think our babies turned out having a true favorite. They were just fun to use interchangeably!

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