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One of my friends got me hooked up on essential oil diffusers about half a year ago. Every time I’d visit her, not only would her home smell like a spa, I’d always feel at ease and peace. She pointed out her diffuser and shared some of her favorite oils with me. The view of the mist coming out and the very slight white noise it emits, seemed to have a calming effect on me. I love being able to chose different scents based on my mental or physical state and feeling – my all time favorites include either mint smells (mint, eucalyptus) or citrus smells (lemon, lemongrass, orange).

I purchased this one during Black Friday and chose some blended essential oils:

Today, I automatically turn it on when I enter my bedroom at night, set it to diffuse for 1 hour while reading or watching TV, and it turns itself off after an hour. I love mine for its large water capacity (200mL) and I can run it over a week at 1 hour each night, before having to refill it. It can be set on 1-hour, 3-hour, 6-hour, and steady modes. Another nice function, that I do not use (but my kids love playing with), is the 7 color mood lighting. It creates a nice ambiance and you can chose a specific color or let it run through all colors.





We have been struggling with putting our 2.5 year-old to bed at night. She went from being a pretty good sleeper to taking forever to go sleep. She’ll stay up, play with her Duplos, go bother her sister… anything to not have to sleep. We’ve pretty much tried everything unsuccessfully and I told my husband that I would get her a nightlight and her own essential oil diffuser, and try to have our Echo Dot play peaceful nature sounds as she falls asleep. As I started researching, I stumbled upon the best surprise, and honestly, a genius product: ZAQ Sky Aroma Essential Oil Kids Diffuser LiteMist Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Humidifier – Starry Sky Projection (White)


It comes in 5 colors: white, pink, yellow, blue, and black. This diffuser is an essential oil diffuser and nightlight in one product. Once plugged, it will project colorful stars on the ceiling and can be set on a going-to-sleep mode. Over a 30-minute period of time, the projection brightness decreases until turning off, naturally motivating the child to fall asleep. All of that while diffusing your favorite calming oils. If the timer is not for you, the diffuser can stay on for up to 12 hours.

As added benefit, this ZAQ diffuser is also an ionizer, purifying your child’s room air, leaving it free of odors, germs, and dust.

We love this one! I love that it turns itself off so I don’t need to enter her room before going to bed. She points out to the star projection as we put her to sleep and she has been going to sleep much faster than she used to.

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Write a comment below to let us know your tricks and tips to putting your toddlers in bed! We would also love to hear which oils you recommend for your little ones!

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